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Article 16.1 Sheet 1 of 3 6/2018 PRELIMINARY STRUCTURE COST ESTIMATE The charts on the following sheets provide cost per square foot data for the preliminary estimate of total structure cost. The costs apply to ordinary structure types. The preliminary square foot cost should be increased by 30% to account for unknown contingency items. The data is based upon the low bid from projects awarded thru March 2018. The total cost per square foot includes all the bid items necessary to construct the structure except for the following: Preliminary Engineering E & C Traffic Control The costs for Repair and Rehabilitation projects require an individual estimate of cost for each project because of the wide diversity of work. Consult with the Group Leader/Bridge Engineer to obtain costs from similar projects. Cost data is available for the following types of structures: NEW CONSTRUCTION CULVERTS PRESTRESSED GIRDERS STEEL GIRDERS PEDESTRIAN BRIDGES MISCELLANEOUS RETAINING WALLS WIDEN CULVERTS Artic...