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Student 2 page 1. Hard Landscaping Features Pool – I have placed my pool in the top left hand corner. I chose to place it here because it is reasonably sheltered from the wind coming from the north. I placed a wall around the corners that are facing the prevailing wind to minimise the amount of wind and also the leaves being carried into the pool [2]. I also placed it next door to the kindergarten so that kindy kids can go swimming and near the grass areas so walkers and runners can cool off in the summer. Pebbled pathways – I have placed pathways covered in pebbles leading everywhere in the park. I chose to have pebbled pathways as they will drain well and won’t become muddy. They will also not be very slippery. Pebbles also look nice and produce a reasonably flat surface [5] Kindergarten – I have placed the kindergarten in between the pool, park and car park because it gives easy access to all areas. The small children won’t have to walk a long way to get to the kindy and neither wil...