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Studio Art: Sculpture, BFASA 1STUDIO ART: SCULPTURE, BFASAfor the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art Major in Studio Art, Sculpture Concentrationschool office: 143 Art and Design Building, Champaign, IL 61820contact: Michael Foellmer, Academic Coordinator of Undergraduate Academic Affairsemail: [email protected]: (217) 244-8462school catalog page: Art & Design (http://catalog.illinois.edu/faa/)school website: School of Art & Design (https://art.illinois.edu/)school faculty: Art & Design Faculty (https://art.illinois.edu/index.php/people/faculty-staff/)overview of college admissions & requirements: Fine & Applied Arts (http://catalog.illinois.edu/faa/)college website: Fine & Applied Arts (https://faa.illinois.edu/)Information listed in this catalog is current as of 08/2022