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Multi-Edge METAL lawn edging makes it easy to create stylish edges with any desired contour, whether you want a winding gravel garden path or neat lawn edges along a border. A choice of 5 finishes means that you can always find just the right one for the look you want. Stylish edges in your gardenMETALSMART GARDEN EDGING SOLUTIONSHigh quality (1.5 mm thick steel)Long lifespanRecyclableEasy to install without pins or boltsThe smart interconnecting system makes it easy to connect the edging segments without the need for any special tools.Quick to installMulti-Edge METAL is available in five finishes:1. Black coated, 2. Corten steel, 3. Galvanised, 4. White coated, 5. Stainless steel2311. choice of finishes2 METAL002Mark out the desired contour (straight, curved, etc.) with twine and stakes. Dig a spade about 8 cm into the soil. Insert the first segments loosely into the soil and connect the next segments one by one. Tap the lawn edging segment gently down to the desired heigh...