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Summary Report Fatality 08/04/2022 1. Victim: Jaiden White 14-year-old male 2. Was the child residing in the child's home or in an out-of-home placement at the time of the fatality? The child, Jaiden White, was residing in his home when the following incident occurred: On July 1, 2021, the Department of Child Safety received a report regarding 14-year-old, Jaiden White, who had been shot at home and was pronounced deceased. The mother and an adult sibling were also found deceased in the home. On June 27, 2022, the stepfather, John James, was indicted on first degree murder by a Pima County Grand Jury. 3. If the victim in the Preliminary Report involved a child residing in the child's home, the following information will be provided: a. Services being provided to the child, a member of the child's family or the person suspected of the abuse or neglect at the time of the incident and the date of the last contact before the incident between the entity providing services and the person rec...