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csdCenter for Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Healthcare Architecture:Sara BensalemWerner LangInstructorDesigning a Healing Environment The University of Texas at Austin - School of Architecture - UTSoASustainable Healthcare Archi-techureDesigning a Healing EnvironmentSara BensalemSustainable Healthcare ArchitectureHealthcare facility design is a complex endeavor that forces function to follow both form and quality. Healthcare fa-cilities serve a wide range of functions from medical applications (i.e. diag-nostic, treatment, emergency rooms, clinics, etc.) to functional programs (i.e. food services, housekeeping, waiting rooms, meeting areas, office space, etc.). Designers of a healthcare facility are required to look at every aspect of human life. These facilities are spaces people live (temporally for treatment) and work in, where they are born and die. With modern medi-cine’s reliance on technology and de-manding building programs, designers of modern hospitals may view health-ca...