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SYLVAN HOLDINGS PTE. LTD., SINGAPOREBALANCE SHEET AS AT 31s'MARCH, 2016ParticularsNoteAs at31t03t2016us$As at30/06/2015us$EQUITY AND LIABILITIES(1) Shareholders' Funds(a) Share Capital(b) Reserves and Surplus234 3s0,000256,2844,350 0002u4u/04,606,2844,554 070(2) Current Ljabilities(a) Trade Payables(lr) Short-'ferm Provrsions454,2538,58910,83612,842TOTAL4,617,1204,566,912ASSETS('1 ) Non-Current Assets(a) Non-Current lnvestments(b) Long-Term Loar'rs and Advances67649,9353,500649,93s3,500653,4356 53.435(2) Current Assets(a) Cash and Bank Balances(b) Short-Term Loans and Advances(c) Other Current AssetsBI1069,1642,824,61221 2162,890 0001,042,26110699093,963,6853 913,477TOTALSignificant Accounting PoliciesThe accompanying notes are an intergralpart of the Financial Statements4,617,',t204,5{i6,9'12IIASPER OUR AUDIT REPORT OF EVEN DATEFOR SHAH & DALALCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSI'IRM REGISTRATION NO&04",/ rRN Noe(MALALAL)S. MADHU MOHANDIRECTORPARTNERMEMBERSHIP NO. 36PLACE:AHMEDABADDATE : APRIL 26, ...