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SILE Part B Course 2021 Page 1 of 3 Updated on 27 April 2021 SYNOPSES OF SUBJECTS FOR PART B COURSE 2021 Compulsory Subject Description CIV In the Civil Litigation Module, candidates will be acquainted with the more fundamental and practical aspects of civil litigation practice. The Module aims to provide candidates with a good grasp of the key principles and processes involved in running a civil litigation matter from start to end. CRI The topic of crime and punishment has the ability to capture the public’s attention like no other aspect of the law and is, for many people, the most tangible manifestation of what law is about. Criminal litigation practice is an indispensable part of the practice of criminal law and in this subject, which is taught by seasoned members of the Criminal Bar and prosecutors from the Attorney-General’s Chambers, as well as by judicial officers from the State Courts with extensive experience in presiding over criminal matters, candidates will gain a balanced...