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SYNOPSIS Life is Beautiful is epic-drama movie based on the history of World War II. This movie is directed by Roberto Benigni. Life is Beautiful is released in 9th November 1999. This movie tells about the minor effect of ethnic cleansing in NAZI’s regime. Besides of that, this movie shows the existence as a father. The story is started with the removal of Guido Orifice. He wants to get a job in the town. After he arrives in the town, he works in the restaurant. In there, he lives with his uncle, his name is Leo. In the town, Guido meets with a woman that he made in during to the town, her name is Dora. The beautifully of Dora has hypnotized Guido. Guido always gives a surprise for Dora, and he always said, “biongorno principessa”. Once day, Guido disguise as Inspector from Rome. From this moment, Dora begins falling in love with Guido. She is interested in his brave and foolishness. But, Dora has been matched with Rudolpho. At the night party of engagement between Dora and Rudolpho, ...