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System-Level Urban Air Mobility Transportation Modeling and Determination of Energy-Related ConstraintsDr. Lee W. KohlmanNASA Langley Research CenterAeronautics Systems Analysis Branch Outline•Background•Motivation•Modeling Approach•Energy Source Comparison•Fuels vs. Battery•Deep Dive: LNG vs. Battery•Conclusions2 Background•Urban Air Mobility (UAM) refers to the transportation of people and cargo by air in a metropolitan area•This new emerging market has the potential to transform the way people and cargo move within the urban environment•Smaller, unconventional configurations will be needed to operate in these systems•Emissions, noise and costs will be key to the success of these systems3 Motivation•To better understand how choices in vehicle design and power system architecture affects network operations•To evaluate the viability of potential energy storage and conversion systems for primary electric propulsion of UAM aircraft4 Modeling Approach•7 vertiport, hexagonal model for sens...