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The Architect’s Diary_Project PublishingFACT FILE (elaborated)Designed by (Firm Name) :Project Type :Select fromResidentialUrban DesignApartment InteriorsOffice InteriorsCommercial BuildingRestaurant/Bars/CafesRestoration/RenovationInstitutionProject Name :Location :Google Location of the project (if project is Institutionalor Commercial) :Residential google location (please only provide thisif your client is comfortablesharing it)Year Built :Duration of project :Plot Area :Built up :Project Size:sq feet:Project Cost Appx :Principal Architect(s) :Team Design Credits (for Particular Project) :Drawings :Plans, Sections, Elevation and Unique detail of theproject according to you. The Architect’s Diary_Project PublishingMaterial Palette of the project : (major materials) (please share images for this)Color Palette for each area : (please share the imagesfor this)Photograph Courtesy :Instagram Tag –Facebook Page –Products/Materials/Vendors :Brand Website and Brand Name (please provide websi...