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Tagliamonte, Sali A. (2005). So who? Like how? Just what?: Discoursemarkers in the conversations of English speaking youth. Journal ofPragmatics, 37 (11), 1896-­‐1915.IntroductionExploration of salient discourse markers:-­‐ like, just, intensifiers (really, very, so in particular)-­‐ Hasn’t been explored in Canadian youth-­‐ Asking:o What is the trajectory of linguistic change?o Is this phenomenon truly linguistic change? Or is it simply a feature of“teen-­‐talk” that distinguishes speakers from older/youngergenerations?Use of quantitative method within traditional sociolinguistic variation theory-­‐ Not normally an approach used for looking at discourse markers-­‐ Attempts to adapt these methods to look at innovative features undergoingchange in CanECorpus-­‐ Conversational data-­‐ 26 Speakers from 10-­‐20 years old (4-­‐5 members/age group)-­‐ Data from 2002-­‐2003-­‐ Investigation was limited to Toronto-­‐born speakers-­‐ Interviewerso 20-­‐22 years old-­‐ Speakerso 10-­‐20 years ol...