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[ www.taliesin.edu home ]As everything changes with time, so will the constructs of man. Walls will return to earth in their elemental form; as stone, sand, and energy. Terra was an attempt to harmonize the processof form in the landscape.Lying on the brink of out atmosphere supported by Mother Earth's crust, Terra is located on the edge of Taliesin West's deepest wash, at the foot of the McDowell Mountains.Terra utilized Frank Lloyd Wright's form-work design for Taliesin West, thereby eliminating internal bracing. Cast Earth walls reach from the Sonoran Desert floor, encompassing a moonviewing platform. The walls separate at the specific solar happenings of the setting solstices and equinoxes on Terra's location of 33"36'33.36N, 11"50'29.76"W providing the inhabitant withorientation, direction and clarity. Standing on an existing earth terrace, the Cast Earth walls utilize the materials of the Sonoran Desert in a composition comprised of 75% site soil, 22%gypsum, 3% cement. Cast Earth...