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IR330March 2021Tax code declarationUse this form if you’re receiving salary or wages as an employee.If you’re a contractor or use a WT tax code, you’ll need to use the Tax rate notification for contractors - IR330C form.Once completed:EmployeeGive this form to your employer. If you receive a payment such as a benefit or superannuation, return this form to Work and Income.Employer Do not send this form to Inland Revenue. You must keep this completed IR330 with your business records for seven years following the last wage payment you make to the employee. When an employee gives you this form you must change their tax code, even if you have received different advice in the past.1 Your detailsFirst name/s (in full) Family nameIRD number (8 digit numbers start in the second box. ) 2 Your tax codeYou must complete a separate Tax code declaration (IR330) for each source of incomeChoose only ONE tax codeRefer to the flowchart on pages 2 and 3 and then enter a tax code here.If you’re a casual a...