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teacher resources:The Basics ofBotanywhat is a plant?what are the parts of a plant?Although this may seem like an easy answer, aplant may be defined differently depending ongroup the people. An elementary school teachermay describe a plant as a “living green thing”, ahigh school teacher may narrow this definition,and a plant scientist may have a technical un-derstanding of a plant. All these definitionsserve a purpose and the definition needs to bemodified depending on the audience.Plants are “green things”, which means they carryout a process called photosynthesis. There aremany green, photosynthetic organisms, butsome of these, such as bacteria, are not plants.Algae are a group of organisms that may be considered plants by some teachers, but wouldbe called protists by scientists. This distinction isprobably not important to school children; theimportant message is that these organisms usethe sun to make their own food. In contrast, agroup such as fungi, although plant-like, do notmak...