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TeakwoodLandscapingBRAND IDENTITYPROOF ONE BRAND STYLE BRAND TONEModern. Relational. Luxury. Intentional. Tasteful.FOUNDATIONDoug & Mikayla love the outdoor space they created for themselves. They invested so much time and effort into creating a space filled with community, reflection, and tranquility. After doing this for themselves, they realized how much they wanted to do it for others. This is when Teakwood Landscaping was established.BRAND ESSENCETeakwood Landscaping partners with high-end homeowners to help them create luxury outdoor spaces. The type of outdoor spaces made for community, reflection, and tranquility. COLOR PALETTECHARCOALSANDPRIMARYSECONDARYSAGEMOSSWOODCLOUDTAPESTRYSTONE BRAND RATIONALEThe Teakwood Landscaping brand appeals to wealthy women that have properties in tropical locations. When it comes to creating the outdoor space they’ve been dreaming of, they lack the knowledge and skill to make it happen. Teakwood Landscaping can help.The brand’s high end yet perso...