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Technical Note Motor-Run Capacitors ABSTRACT This technical paper discusses the larger motor-run capacitors (330 Vac to 440Vac and 20 to 50 µF) for 1/4- to 1-Hp motors. This article covers some of the evolv-ing liquid-filled polymeric film capacitor technology advances which are continu-ing to improve motor-run capacitor efficiency. The article discusses the materials and construction techniques as well as the technical history of these materials and construction techniques highlighting the present day metalized film technolo-gies. The article also discusses the electrical characteristics including loss data (watts/KVA) and how the different technologies compare. INTRODUCTION Motor-run capacitors for appliance applica-tions are, and will continue to be, important to appliance OEMs. While electronic controllers such as variable speed drives (PWM inverter power source), brushless permanent magnet motors with electronic drives, and switched-reluctance motors are replacing some motor-run c...