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Temple architecture in India (Outline map not to scale)2022-23 TEMPLE ARCHITECTUREAND SCULPTURE6Today when we say 'temple'in English we generallymean a devalaya, devkulamandir, kovil, deol,devasthanam or prasadadepending on which part ofIndia we are in.MOST of the art and architectural remains that survivefrom Ancient and Medieval India are religious innature. That does not mean that people did not have art intheir homes at those times, but domestic dwellings andthe things in them were mostly made from materials likewood and clay which have perished. This chapter introducesus to many types of temples from India. Although we havefocussed mostly on Hindu temples, at the end of the chapteryou will find some information on major Buddhist and Jaintemples too. However, at all times, we must keep in mindthat religious shrines were also made for many local cultsin villages and forest areas, but again, not being of stonethe ancient or medieval shrines in those areas have alsovanished.Early Temp...