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ICONARP ICONARP International Journal of Architecture & Planning Received 25 March 2017; Accepted 10 November 2017 Volume 5, Special Issue, pp: 60-76/Published 18 December 2017 DOI: 10.15320/ICONARP.2017.26-E-ISSN: 2147-9380 Research Article Abstract Istanbul, having hosted many civilizations and cultures, has a long and important past. Due to its geopolitical locations, the city has been the capital of two civilizations—Ottoman and Byzantine Empires—which left its traces in the history of the world. Architectural and symbolic monuments built by these civilizations made an impression in all communities making the city a center of attraction. After each and every damage caused by wars, civil strifes, and natural disasters, maximum effort has been made to restore these symbolic buildings. Attitude of a society to a piece of art or an architectural construction defined as historical artifact is shown in interventions, architectural supplementations and restorations to buildings to keep th...