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TRADITIONAL TEOCHEW VALUESLOYALTY AND FILIAL PIETYDILIGENCE AND THRIFTBENEVOLENCEINTEGRITYTEOCHEWTRADITIONSTRADITIONAL FESTIVALSAND CUSTOMSALL THINGS FLOURISH FOR FAMILIES IN HARMONYA PEACEFUL NATION MAKES BLISSFUL PEOPLE 23TEOCHEW TRADITIONSAbout Teochew Federation (Singapore)Teochew Federation (Singapore) aims to provide a network and a common platform for exchange among the Teochew community and businesses in Singapore; facilitate cooperation and collaboration in good faith; work together for the common interest of all members; and strive to preserve our culture and traditions, as well as to expand business opportunities both at home and abroad. At present, around 90% of all Teochew organisations in Singapore are members of our Federation. They include a total of 40 clan associations, charities, Teochew opera and music ensembles, educational and welfare organisations. Collectively, these organisations have a total of 16,000 individual members, business members, and representatives. ...