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Looking down West Broadway, Philip Trager, ca. 1975 Thanks to the Movies The Birth of the Tribeca Film Festival 2004 Thanks to the movies, New York enjoys a double life. Even as its inhabitants go about their daily lives, they remain aware that their city possesses a mythic counterpart that dwells in the minds of hundreds of millions of people, in every corner of the globe. From the stone and steel of the earthly city has arisen a city of the imagination, a glowing cinematic presence which has contributed, in no small way, to the larger-than-life character of the real place. The source of this alternate urban reality, this “mythic city,” is not hard to locate. For more than a century, New York has been inextricably bound to the movies, both as a production center and one of the world’s pre-eminent urban settings. Indeed, it is a relationship whose origins trace back to the birth of the film industry itself—which, in America, arose not in Los Angeles but New York. It was here, toward th...