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Ink A Literary Arts Magazine Issue 8 Woodland Community College Fall 2016 Page 2 Senior Editor: Ian Chamberlain Editors: Marcos Estrada, Timothy Fries, Alexis Ornelas Cover Art: Mariana Gutierrez Printing: Mike Wieber, Yuba College Print Shop Faculty Advisor: Kevin Ferns, Professor of English, Woodland Community College. Submissions If you are a current student of Woodland Community College and would like to contribute to future issues, please see ink.yccd.edu for submission guidelines and deadlines. Donations Your generous donation contributes to the cost of printing this publication. If you would like to help build a lasting legacy of the arts and literature at Woodland Community College, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the WCC Literary Progress Fund. Details are online at ink.yccd.edu. Ink, A Literary Arts Magazine is a trademark of Woodland Community College. All work is original and copyrighted by the contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the contrib...