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Copyright 2008The Art of Communication Communication is the process by which people exchange information or share ideas. There are three types of communication: speaking, listening and non-verbal communication. NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION: Your actions speak louder than words. A University of Pennsylvania study reported that the majority of communication is transmitted non-verbally. 70% of communication is body language, 23% is voice tone and inflection, and only 7% is your spoken words! The goal is to have your non-verbal message match your verbal message. 1.Tips for Body Language:•Mirror the other person’s body language to convey understanding.•Respect personal space. Most people need a “Bubble Area” which is equal to about 3 feet or arm’s length away from another person. The goal is to be close enough to be attentive but be far enough for comfort. •To create a positive message, think SOLER. S – SmileO – OpennessL – Lean ForwardE – Eye contactR – Relax 2. Voice Tone and Inflection:Vocal...