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LESSON TWO: Color and EnvironmentINTRODUCTIONThe artists Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman are also considered Abstract Expressionists.This lesson compares two oftheir large,abstract,colorful canvases and examines some oftheideas that informed their artistic processes.LESSON OBJECTIVES•Students will consider the choices artists make with regard to painting,focusing on color,shape,composition,proportion,balance,style,and scale.•Students will learn how to discuss and compare nonrepresentational works of art.•Students will think about their relationship as a viewer to works of art and will consider howan abstractwork can evoke a sense of atmosphere or place.LESSONS11IMAGE FIVE:Mark Rothko.American,bornLatvia.1903–1970.No.5/No.22.1950 (dated onreverse 1949).Oil on canvas,9' 9" x 8' 111⁄8" (297 x 272 cm).The Museum ofModern Art,New York.Gift ofthe artist.© 1998 Kate RothkoPrizel & Christopher Rothko/Artists RightsSociety (ARS),New YorkIMAGE SIX:Barnett Newman.American,1905–1970.Vir Heroicus Su...