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1THE ATELIERALEXANDER BRENNERINFORMATIONARCHITECTSINFO 1/2019 E 2The Stuttgart-based atelier Alexander Brenner Architects is best known for its bright white cubic houses and villas, whose plastic-geometric facades often resemble constructivist tableaux. Common ground for all of Alexander Brenner`s houses is the comprehensive detailing and planning of all interior objects, such as cupboards, kitchens and built-in furniture, which are designed and man-ufactured for each project.Brenner also designs the corresponding gardens. The soft curved, sensual forms contrast the unique, bright white architectural sculptures. THE ATELIERALEXANDER BRENNER ARCHITECTSHis atelier in Stuttgart was founded in 1990. Since moving into the atelier at Parlerstrasse the number of employees has grown to 15, with each member working interdisciplinarily and passionately on all of the projects.”Holistic work, which means the design of all details to the entirety is our atelier’s own thinking culture.”, the archite...