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Future Visions of Transport The benefits and foundations of post-pay public transport ticket Maiju Lintusaari Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland [email protected] At present public transport passengers must choose and purchase an appropriate ticket before traveling. As the selection of tickets may include single trip tickets as well as various season or multiple trip tickets, choosing the best ticket for current travel needs can be unfeasible. Several studies and pilot projects (such as Katzev & Backman 1982, Metsäranta & Hillo 2008, Svenns 2007 and Taniguchi & Fujii 2007) have been carried out to improve the selection of tickets and thus increase ridership. Two problems have risen: a customer must know his travel needs up to a month in advance in order to purchase the most economical ticket, and there is a void of tickets for occasional, irregular travel. A solution to these problems is a ticket that is paid for after usage according to the utilization. The payme...