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THE BLUES BROTHERSbyJohn Landis & Dan Aykroyd FADE IN:WALKING THROUGH THE PRISONJake is escorted by two Guards down a jail hall.PRISONERHey!!IN THE PAROLE OFFICEGUARD ONEWell, this is it.He opens the door and all three of them enter the room.GUARD TWOWhat wing?GUARD ONEMaximum wing, block 9.GUARD TWOStandard release?GUARD ONEParole, 3 out of 5, good behaviour.GUARD TWOGimme a minute...He gets Jake's belongings.GUARD TWOOne Timex digital watch, broken. One unusedprophylactic. One soiled.Outside view of Elwood pulling up to the jail entrance.GUARD TWOOne black suit jacket. One pair of blacksuit pants. One hat, black. One pair ofsunglasses. Twenty three dollars and sevencents. Sign here.Jake signs an "X" on the form.Opening Credits start rolling.SONG: "She Caught the Katy" (background music)JAKE AND ELWOOD IN THE CARJAKEWhat's this? ELWOODWhat?JAKEThis car. This stupid car. Where's theCadillac? The Caddy? Where's the Caddy?ELWOODThe what?JAKEThe Cadillac we used to have. The BluesMobile!E...