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Books RHS mail order: 01483 211320;WWW. rhss hop. co.Uk RHS OFFER PRICES VALID UNTIL 31 JANUARY 2017 The Bold Dry Garden Johanna Silver 236pp,2016, Timber Press, ISBN 9781604696707, RRP £25 RHS price £20 This is not so much a gardening book as a book about a garden. It tells the story of Ruth Bancroft, whose pioneering approach to gardening in the dry Californian climate has paved the way for future gardeners. The book has four main sections. First we are told about Ruth: a farmer's wife who, during the 1950s and 60s, collected succulent plants from wherever she could, to grow under cover. The history of the garden is charted -how, by 1971, most of the farm was sold to developers, leaving Ruth, at the age of 63, free to think seriously about gardening, using plants that required no supplementary irrigation. So she began experimenting with her beloved succulents. The next section tells us what the garden has become today -one of the most striking examples of succulent plant landscaping ...