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The Cambridge Dictionary of SociologyProviding an authoritative and comprehensive overview of the classical and thecontemporary, this volume is an indispensable guide to the vibrant andexpanding field of sociology. Featuring over 600 entries, from concise definitionsto discursive essays, written by leading international academics, the Dictionaryoffers a truly global perspective, examining both American and European trad-itions and approaches. Entries cover schools, theories, theorists, and debates,with substantial articles on all key topics in the field. While recognizing therichness of historical sociological traditions, the Dictionary also looks forward tonew and evolving influences such as cultural change, genetics, globalization,information technologies, new wars, and terrorism. Most entries incorporatereferences for further reading, and a cross-referencing system enables easyaccess to related areas. This Dictionary is an invaluable reference work forstudents and academics alike an...