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64 COMMENTS: [1993) 2 EIPR Arnold Vahrenwald The Patenting of Inventions of Alloys in Germany: the Chrome-Nickel-Alloy Decision of the Federal Supreme Court If the invention of an alloy is comparable to the creation of a dinner recipe, 1 the Federal Supreme Court confirmed in its decision Chrome-Nickel-Alloy2-that the ingredients were excellently mixed. The decision permits a restatement of the law on the patentability of inventions relating to alloys. Such inventions have certain features in common which distinguish them from other inventions. Alloys are composed of different ingredients, the proportions of which are indicated by upper and lower limiting values in the percentage scale of each. Taking into account that particularly in the first part of the century, patents were granted for inventions of economically important alloys, the present interest focuses on two main questions: first, whether the patent applicant may, after it has been found that his alloy belongs in part to the...