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In the movie Hoosiers, Gene Hackman plays Coach Norman Dale. “The team is the most important thing,” he tells his players. For it to achieve success, it must be “five different players functioning as one.” For his team to function as one, it is Dale’s responsibility to set out a vision and expectations that his followers (players) buy into and adopt as their own. When a band leader instructs his band to play classical music and they play jazz music, the resulting sound is likely to drive audiences away. If the band functions as one and play from the same sheet music, the audience will linger to enjoy the concert. For the past two years, the CCCs not only have had different sheet music, but were forced to write the songs at the same time. Initially students were placed in virtual learning. Next, they transitioned to a combination of remote and on-center learning. This disrupted center culture and stability, one of the most important benefits the CCCs offer students, was lost in this pro...