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International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol. 3 No. 11; June 2013 276 The Cry of King Kong: Crisis and Male Fear of the other, of the Woman Juan A. Roche Cárcel Senior Lecturer Sociology of Culture and the Arts University of Alicante Spain. Introduction Crisis or the Three US Versions of King Kong It is a well-known fact verified by Social Sciences that times of crisis –the end of antiquity; the passage from feudalism to the modern age; the religious censorship in the seventeenth century; romanticism, a ‘transition’ period; 1914-1945, a ‘time of catastrophes’; from 1973, the ‘dark’ postmodernity– (Schmitt, 1981: XX, 12 and ff.-168 and ff.; Nouschi, 1997; Reeves, 1998: 111; Popkin, 1998: 133; Hobbsbawm, 2001: 15 and 29 and ff.) generate or intensify various types of fear. These fears have increased in modern societies due to the awareness of the multiple threats which hover over human beings and the world (Delumeau, 2002: 10-19). This growth of fear seems inherent to moder...