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35 The Da Vinci Code By : RAFAEL HERNANDEZ COLON Volume: 34 | No: 21 Page : 27 Issued : 06/01/2006 Last week, I went to see the much-heralded movie directed by Ron Howard “The Da Vinci Code.” Having read the book by Dan Brown, I awaited the movie with eagerness and apprehension. I was eager to see the movie because the book is an extraordinary thriller. As has happened to millions of readers all over the world, when I began reading the book, I could not put it down. Nevertheless, I was apprehensive because I was concerned with the effect the movie might have on the general public regarding the gospel according to Dan Brown. In a secular world where faith is scarce and doubt is the order of the day, Brown’s apocryphal story about Jesus can be a weapon of mass destruction. The movie was not what I expected. As a thriller, the book is much more engaging than the movie. The movie is not only mediocre, it is boring. The acting is bad. The casting is awful. Nevertheless, I still felt apprehe...