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The Difference Between Semiotics and SemiologyRussell DaylightIntroductionW hat is the relationship between semiotics and semiology? Receivedwisdom tells us that the “semeiotics” of Charles Sanders Peirce over-laps in function and meaning with the “sémiologie” of Ferdinand deSaussure. Each system is concerned with signs, and the way in which signsare decoded, or interpreted for meaning. Since the surge in interest in semi-otics/semiology in the 1980s, the two systems of thought have been uncom-fortably conflated in undergraduate textbooks and even in communication re-search. The unique features of each system were pushed aside in the rush toteach students that a “red traffic light” acts as a signifier for the signified“stop”. Among semioticians more attentive to the nuances of each system, suchas Thomas Sebeok and Umberto Eco, semiology made up just a part of thewhole of semiotics. While Saussurean semiology concerned itself only withintentional communication acts, such as speaking and...