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Who knew that horticulture was such an intoxicating subject? In this follow-up to the New York Times bestsellers Wicked Bugs and Wicked Plants, Amy Stewart explores the odd, unusual, and surprisingly common plants that have produced the world’s greatest spirits. The Drunken Botanist uncovers the enlightening botanical history and the fascinating science and chemistry of over 150 plants, flowers, trees, fruits, and even a few fungi. • With a delightful two-color vintage-style interior, over fifty drink recipes, growing tips for gardeners, and advice that carries Stewart’s trademark wit, this is the perfect gift for gardeners and cocktail acionados alike. •THE DRUNKEN BOTANISTTHE PLANTS THAT CREATE THE WORLD’S GREAT DRINKSWHAT PLANTS ARE YOU DRINKING TONIGHT?AGAVE—Agave tequilana—A relative of asparagus, hostas, and hyacinths, this Mexican native is transformed into tequila by chopping away the tough, spiny leaves and slowly roasting the heart. By law, tequila can only be made from A. t...