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GREEN GARDENS HEALTHY CREEKSThe Dry Creek Garden About the Concept Design SeriesThese designs are simple concepts to provide inspiration and ideas. Check with local nurseries, landscapers or other sustainable garden designers to help choose the best plants for your yard.Yarrow Achillea millifoliumCalifornia Fuchsia Epilobium ‘Select Mattole’Culinary Sage Salvia officinalis Why We Liked This Garden Showcase Features:This small front yard focuses on reducing storm water runoff into local creeks, capturing pollutants before they flow into the San Francisco Bay. Instead, the water is allowed to percolate naturally into the soil, recharging groundwater and deep watering the plants in the garden. The three downspouts have been tied into the dry creek bed, keeping water away from the foundation of the house while still keeping it onsite. Beneath the dry creek is a percolation pit filled with drain rock to accommodate larger amounts of water. This is especially important in clay soils where wa...