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7-2009 nEwS & anaLYSiS 39 ELR 10615ARTICLESThe Effect of NEPA Outside the Courtroomby Michael B . GerrardMichael B . Gerrard is Professor of Professional Practice and Director of the Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School . He is Senior Counsel to Arnold & Porter LLP, where he was formerly managing partner of the New York office . Among his books is Global Climate Change and U.S. Law (ABA 2007) . Katherine Regan, a J .D . candidate at Columbia, provided invaluable research assistance . This is a revised transcription of the remarks Mr . Gerrard gave at the NEPA at 40 Conference on March 23, 2009 .The central purpose of the National Environmen-tal Policy Act (NEPA)1 is not to produce gorgeous or perfect documents; that’s a means to an end . The ultimate purpose is to improve governmental decisionmak-ing by making relevant information available to officials and by ensuring that everyone affected by the decisions is given a voice . I would like to focus on the effect of NEPA...