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The F5 SSL ReferenceArchitectureThe demand for data protection is driving SSL growth at 20 percentper year. This significantly impacts the efficiency of networks, andincreases the need for visibility, control, and the management ofapplication delivery. Looking ahead, security issues are expected tobecome more complex—making efficient, innovative solutions apriority for organizations.White Paperby F5 ••••••The hardware security modulesmoved from the server to theADC. Now they are moving tothe cloud as network-attachedstandalone devices.IntroductionThe cryptographic protocol known as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is quicklybecoming the de-facto protocol for all important (and sometimes even casual)communications today. Only a decade ago, SSL was reserved only for financialinstitutions and for the login pages of the security-conscious. Today SSL isubiquitous. Even the world’s most popular video sites use SSL for streaming.According to the January 2014 Netcraft report, the use of SSL is growi...