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The Famous Statues on the Cetiya Campuses in MyanmarHtwe Htwe Kyaw*1AbstractIn Myanmar, there are many religious buildings. Among them, the famous statues which areplaced in the cetiya campuses from Buddhist Art & Architecture and Tourism point of view. Theaims are to realize why the statues are placed there and to keep the works of arts. It is alsopresented why tourist are interested in the statues which are placed in the cetiya campuses. This isbecause the statues show a part of the history of belief, religion and civilization. The images andstatues are explored from different points of view such as Buddhist Art & Architecture, tourism,religion and civilization. This paper is presented to be useful partly for keeping in ancient andcultural heritages of Buddhism in Myanmar. In this paper it is able to study not only the mind-setof keeping our cultural heritages and responsibilities but also the improvement of Buddhist Art &Architecture at different periods.Key Words: famous statues, c...