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3Employers are required to post form LIBC-500, Remember: It is Important to Tell Your Employer About Your Injury, to inform employees of the name, address and phone number of their workers’ compensation insurance company, their third-party administrator or internal workers’ compensation contact person.An employee injury is to be reported to the employer within 21 days; if not reported within 120 days from the date of injury or having knowledge of a work-related disease, no compensation is allowed (except for cases involving progressive diseases).Employers are required to immediately report all employee injuries to their insurer or, if self-insured, to report them to the person responsible for management of the employer’s workers’ compensation program. Employers are also required to file a First Report of Injury via EDI transaction in the IAIABC Claims Release 3 format with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation within 48 hours for every injury resulting in death, and within seven days for...