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Department of EnglishWorlding Communication: The Foregrounding of NovelCommunication Barriers in LiteratureSerra June HughesMA ThesisEnglish LiteratureSpring 2022Supervisor: Bo G. EkelundAbstractNovel communication barriers, innovative obstacles to mutual understanding thatdeviate from the norms of the actual world, are a recurring yet understudied presencein aesthetic worlds of all kinds. Some examples of this are Dana’s twentieth-centuryway of speaking that travels back in time with her in Kindred, or Americans underJapanese occupation struggling to speak through cultural and linguistic barriers in analternate historical timeline in The Man in the High Castle, or the unique obstructionsto communication in the alien encounters of Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand ofDarkness or Ted Chiang’s “The Story of Your Life.” In certain works,communication barriers carry such a novel character and occupy such a prominentplace in the narrative that they call out for interpretation at a metadiegetic ...