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Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research Volume 3 Number 2.© Intellect Ltd 2005.Article. English language. doi: 10.1386/tear.3.2.73/1 The Fun Palace: Cedric Price’sexperiment in architecture andtechnologyStanley Mathews Hobart and William Smith CollegesAbstractThis article examines how in his influential 1964 Fun Palace project the lateBritish architect Cedric Price created a unique synthesis of a wide range of con-temporary discourses and theories, such as the emerging sciences of cybernetics,information technology, and game theory, Situationism, and theater to producea new kind of improvisational architecture to negotiate the constantly shiftingcultural landscape of the postwar years. The Fun Palace was not a building inany conventional sense, but was instead a socially interactive machine, highlyadaptable to the shifting cultural and social conditions of its time and place.This constantly varying design for a new form of leisure center began in 1962 asa collaboration betwe...