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MORGENSTADT INNOVATION NETWORK THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC SPACEStuttgart 16th of September, 2019 1 INTRODUCTION On 16th of September, over 60 members of the Morgenstadt network have convened in Stuttgart to explore the Future of Public Space. Dr. Alanus von Radecki the director of the Morgenstadt network, opened the conference highlighting the unique qualities of Morgenstadt, which is able to have a systemic approach to innovation management and to cover a broad range of topics due to the diversity of the net-work members.Concerning the future of public space, Dr. Radecki outlined that the public space connects many features and aspects of the sustainable city, which is increasingly dominated by two lar-ger trends. Firstly, there is a functional differentiation, i.e. a rising number of tasks that public spaces need to fulfil which for instance can be seen in the multitude of technological applica-tions and mobility solutions that are visible in the public space nowadays. Secondly, there is a...