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THE GENERATIVE TRANSFORMATIONAL GRAMMAR ANALYSISON EMILY DICKINSON’S POEMS, A PRECIOUS MOULDERINGPLEASURE AND THERE IS NO FRIGATE LIKE A BOOKA ThesisSubmitted to Faculty of Adab and HumanitiesIn Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Bachelor Degree (S1)by:AHMAD SYOPIAN1113026000116DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LITERATUREFACULTY OF ADAB AND HUMANITIESUNIVERSITAS ISLAM NEGERI SYARIF HIDAYATULLAHJAKARTA2019iABSTRACTAhmad Syopian, 1113026000116, The Generative Transformational GrammarAnalysis on Emily Dickinson’s Poems, A Precious Mouldering Pleasure and Thereis No Frigate Like a Book. Thesis: English Letters Department. Faculty of Adaband Humanities. State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, 2019.Emily Dickinson’s poems, a precious-mouldering pleasure and there is nofrigate like a book, has been selected as the unit analysis of this qualitative research.The primer aspect of the poems that becomes the focus of the research is the poems’sentence structure, and it is analyzed by No...