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Sanders / The Geography of Somewhere / 1Presented to the Civic Tourism conference, March 16, 2006, Prescott, Arizonawww.civictourism.orgTHE GEOGRAPHY OF SOMEWHEREby Scott Russell SandersFrom reading a book of mine called Staying Put, Dan Shilling knows I believethat Americans gad about too much. Our ceaseless mobility burns up the Earth’sdwindling supply of petroleum, destabilizes the climate, enslaves us to tyrannical regimesin the Middle East, embroils us in war, buries more and more of our landscape underpavement, and shatters our communities. I don’t wish to encourage any more idlemovement. So I would appear to be an odd choice as an opening speaker at a conferenceon tourism—just how odd, you can decide after you’ve heard what I have to say.Too often, tourism is only another form of shopping, treating the whole country asa gigantic mall offering trinkets and distractions for sale. Too often, it is driven by a yenfor golfing or gambling, a craving for novelty or scenery, or by simpl...