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Presenter of HD Expo, a hospitalitydesign eventthe hd expo issuehd vol.44 no.3april 2022april 2022 hospitalitydesign.comPresenter ofthe hd expo issuecome on in 062April 2022 hospitalitydesign.comperspectivestrendsHyundai SeoulA er winning the bid to transform an abandoned development into Hyundai’s latest brick-and-mortar entry, Toronto design studio Burdi lek overhauled three  oors into a memorable environment worthy of Seoul’s sophisticated shoppers. “This was a building that was brought up to ground level and then stopped because the developer at the time ran out of funds,” says Burdi lek cofounder Diego Burdi. “But the architecture was quite unique and very interesting. The competition was how do we make this feel like a department store knowing that this is the base building architecture.” The solution, of course, was experiential. Visible from all levels, an atrium cra ed by Burdi lek pours natural light into the core of the department store. A 40-foot-tall sculptural water...