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The Indiana Jones Effect Presented to the faculty of Lycoming College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Departmental Honors in Archaeology and Culture of the Ancient Near East By Meghan Strong Lycoming College April 19, 2007 Approved by: (Signature) (Signature) (Signature) (Signature) 2 Nearly every person who inquires about what I’m studying in college has the same reaction, “Wow, so you’re going to be the next Indiana Jones?” At first it was amusing but then I began to wonder if people really did perceive archaeology to be the whip-carrying, pistol- shooting, action-packed profession that it is made out to be in the media. This project’s purpose is to see if the Indiana Jones persona has infiltrated the perception of the general public to the point that it is affecting the profession of archaeology, and to lay to rest many of the delusions and misconceptions that surround the archaeological community. Three main issues must be analyzed in order to address this hypothesis...