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The Influence of Non-Verbal Behaviour on Meeting Effectiveness and Pro-Active Behaviour: A Video Observational Study Author: Tim Greven University of Twente P.O. Box 217, 7500AE Enschede The Netherlands ABSTRACT, Based on the nonverbal leadership literature, it has been hypothesized that hand gestures and body gestures have an influence on both perceived meeting effectiveness and pro-active behaviour of their followers. The research is focused on video-observations of team meetings, consisting of fine-grained codings of non-verbal behaviour displayed during the meetings, as well as several surveys that have been filled-out by team-members within the teams that have been recorded. The data consisted of 20 leaders and 192 followers which are employed in a large public organization. As a result, one correlation has been found, this correlation implies that upward palms gestures have a negative influence on the level of pro-activity of the followers. In the discussion section the outcomes ...