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The Inheritance of Ancient European Epics on the Subject Matter of AncientEpicsSun JingjingSichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan 610200, ChinaKeywords: Middle Ages; Homer's epic; Subject matter; Epic study; InheritanceAbstract: The epic is a mark of a major historical event and heroic performance in the early periodof the nation. Although it has deeper mythological thinking, it is still an exhibition hall of the earlyspirit of the nation and an important cultural asset of the national spirit. In the history of worldliterature, many ancient countries in ancient Greece, India, and Europe have excellent long epics.The heroic epic is the leader in the medieval literary world in Europe. Its subject matter includes(war, hero, religion). It inherits the tradition of ancient epic depiction and transcends tradition. Itindicates the new direction of the development of literary subject matter and becomes Europeanliterature. By analyzing the subject matter of medieval epics, this paper can further ...