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THE INTEGRATION OF NEW KNOWLEDGE DOMAINS TO FOSTER INNOVATION IN ARCHITECTUREA Case Study of the relationship between 3XN & GXNthrough Actor-Network TheoryM.SoSc. Strategic Design and EntrepreneurshipMaster Thesis (CSDEO5000E)Paul Jaeggi (105441) & Sebastian Svane Müller (124495)Supervised by Marianne Stang Våland272’884 Characters - 120 Pages15.06.2020 Abstract Architecture takes place in an environment that is constantly increasing in complexity. Social norms are changing and the environment is in a state of emergency. Society’s expectations require the architect to take account for new elements when designing the built environment. Innovating the architectural industry is therefore vital. The importance of innovation in architecture lies in the role of the practice to shape society. Architecture is a product of its environment, while concurrently producing it. However, with the emergence of new requirements of buildings, innovation has to be enhanced to not only represent society th...